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Congratulations to our two #BeaverLodgeLens Winners:

Michael Hack @michaelrhack

and Bri Hamlyn @brihamlynphoto


“I was walking with my dog in Beaver Lodge Lands, which we often do after work and on weekends, when a large shadow passed silently overhead. It took me a second to realize that it was an owl flying right over me down the path of the trail and I watched in awe as it landed on a nearby tree. I only had my phone at the time, so ran home and grabbed my camera and just as luck would have it the owl was in the same area when I got back 15 minutes later. I snapped a few photos as he sleepily sat on the mossy branch of a fir tree. The owl opened its eyes a few times to analyze what I was doing, but quickly determined I wasn’t much of a threat and went back to its nap. This was only the second time I have seen an owl in Beaver Lodge Lands so I was happy to be able to catch it on camera! I love Beaver Lodge Lands because it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature right here in Campbell River.

I am a photographer born and raised in Campbell River, my passion for photography has come as a by-product of my love of exploration and the outdoors. My photography focuses on showcasing the raw beauty of the coast, from rugged sprawling landscapes to those special brief moments spent with wildlife, there are endless opportunities as a photographer on Vancouver Island.”
More of Michael’s work can be seen on instagram: @michaelrhack

“My husband and I moved to Campbell River last year and have been enjoying the close proximity to natural spaces, whether that be seaside strolls, or meandering through the trails in the beaver lodge forest lands. Photographing natural spaces has been a passion of mine for many years, I hope that my images inspire people to enjoy everything wild, including the small things!”

More of Brianne’s work can be seen on instagram @brihamlynphoto







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